Monday, December 16, 2013

Chimera Stug kit

So I thought it was about time that I put my gratis copy of the Chimera Stug kit that I produced for Master crafted Miniatures together. Ben at Master Crafted was kind enough to send me a copy of my work, and I must say, he's done a fantastic job. The cast is pretty much perfect. There are no bubbles to be seen and all the lines are crisp and true. I'm mighty relieved to see that it fits the Chimera chassis perfectly too.

I'll be painting this up in the colours of my Death Korp army. It'll do them good to get a bit of armoured support. Painted pictures to follow shortly.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ringer of Secundus

From the moment Inquisitor Liago's Lighter landed at the East dock of Secundus hive, his presence became a cause celebre amongst the denizens of the upper halls. How could it not? The inhabitants had been plagued by strange dreams for months. People had been disappearing on a regular basis and word was that a plot of hideous proportions was being hatched. Those who resided upon the Underhive border spoke of looks cast their way, petty thefts of devotional objects, even outright attempts to lure them into the darker, more run down, portions of the area. Whispers of a hidden temple, a cult if you will, hung upon the lips and speaker grilles of all.

Liago wasted no time in venturing into the foul and forgotten depths and here, came across his first challenge. This was supposed to be a discreet affair, a quick in and out with the goods. One inhabitant however, seemed to have other plans: an adept of the Imperial Faith, equipped with an ancient pair of sin-bells and a vox-caster, who seemed to be one step ahead of Liago at all times. Worse, it insisted upon constantly singing the Inquisitor’s high praise, accompanying itself with an awful cacophony of bell-ringing and vox-feedback.

Liago considered his position. His presence was well and truly compromised.
How did this creature, this apology for the human form, know of his location? How did it manage to stay one step ahead of his Crusaders? Was it psychic? Was it a reader of sump casts and vapour clouds?

This Twist, this what-ever-it-was, would have to disappear, willingly or otherwise.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chimera Heavy Assault Carrier

I've been working on another conversion kit lately. This one is intended as a heavier version of the venerable Chimera that sacrifices troop space for a pair of forward firing heavy weapons (bolters perhaps?) It was very much inspired by the top of the Malcador turret. I like the idea of independently targetable sponsons.

The weapons for this piece will come as two separate items. I'm currently working on them at the moment / waiting to sand them down so that they fit the curve of the sponson.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Phoenix Guard Terminators painted

So I spent the weekend getting these little beauties finished.

Painted the usual way for my Heresy collection. Undercoated white, washed in devland mud, then dry brushed white again. Highlights in dark grey and a mix of golds. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

INQ28 Crusader

Just another INQ28 character this time, possibly a Crusader or Religous Zealot of the Imperial Faith. I don't see him as a major player, perhaps only a background character.

He's a fairly wide amalgam of bits, although he's obviously based on the Brettonian Command body. A Grey Knight Sword, Space Marine head, Flagellant arms et, complete this model.

Forgeworld Phoenix Guard Terminators

So I'm really loving Foregworld's Horus Heresy output at the moment and I had to pick up a set of these.

The only drawback to them is that their original weapons are so fragile that they would almost certainly not survive handling. Instead of putting up with damaged models in the future I've decided to preempt the matter and swap out the weapons for other things. The two that are featured here are armed with Space Wolf Terminator bolters and Grey Knight swords / crosius.

As you can see, they're semi-painted at the moment. Just a brown wash has been applied. I intend to dry brush this with white, then pick out the detail is Gold, much like my other Heresy models.
The bases were created using a mixture of plaster of paris, sand and cork. The slabs are broken bits of plaster of paris that was poured out thinly onto a surface and left to dry.

Looking forward to getting these painted.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chimera Convertion Kit 4: Vendetta Laser Tank Destroyer

Ok, moving on with the fourth of my conversion kits for the venerable Imperial Guard Chimera. This one is intended as a replacement for the Destroyer Tank Hunter, currently only available through Forgeworld.

Like the other kits that I've produced, this one again fits over the back portion of the Imperial Guard Chimera, replacement the rear hull.

The kit is in two pieces, the hull superstructure and the main hull mounted weapon.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

INQ28 Sump Witch

I saw the basis of this model on Pinterest and it really caught my eye, so much so that I thought I'd have a go at doing my own version.

Edit: As Kari from Spiky Rat Pack mentions in the comments, the original concept for this model was done by Codfish Parings, another great miniature convertor.

I like the idea of strange and mysterious, hermit type beings, wandering the hive sump, divining possible futures from the patterns and eddies they spy upon the spoil shores. I imagine that these creatures might be sought out by the gangs that inhabit the underhive, revered and spoken of in hushed tones, begged for advice and a glimpse at what the future might hold.

Are they psychic? Who can tell? Their communication attempts are rudimentary at best. Some of the sump fishermen along the rim tell of hearing strange bursts of radio static in the gloom. But that could be anything.

There are those that swear they are artificial, some ancient and heretical pattern of AI, discarded or broken free from their programmed limitations.

Others say that they are mutants, twists, failed experiments.

Obviously the base model for this was the Cairn Wraith. The arms and chem stubs are from the Talos pain engine. The legs are from an Kroot model. They took quite a bit of work to straighten them out, which was achieved by making small cuts then backfilling with greenstuff. 
The head is scratchbuilt from various tubes and pipes etc.

Monday, September 2, 2013

ISOG - Inquisitorial Special Observations Group

I've been toying with the idea of recreating historical units as a type of 40k archetype. The current Imperial Guard line already take this as a jumping off point what with the Death Korp being based on First World War French and German soldiers and the Valhallan's being based on the Russian Red Army.

With only the Catachans representing a Vietnam era archetype I thought it was time to expand upon that a little.

These guys are meant to represent some kind of behind the lines Special Forces type, a little like the MAC V SOG who operated in parts of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

For the most part I've used Victoria Miniature parts for these. The heads, torsos, arms, backpacks and equipment is all from them. The only GW parts I've used are the GW Cadian legs. 

I've really liking what Victoria Miniatures are coming out with at the moment.

Inquisitor 3

So I bought the latest incarnation of the Empire Warrior Priest in finecast the other day with the intention of 40k-ing it up a little. I like the detail on this model and the ease with which you can swap the arms and head out to create something entirely different.

He's a fairly simple conversion. Just a space marine chainsword arm, a Cadian command arm with plasma pistol and a grey knight terminator head. I've also added any number of purity seals, inquisitorial grenades and devotional items etc.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My take on a classic.

I've been a big follower of Spiky Rat Pack for some time now. I love the vision that Kari and Mikko have been putting together in terms of INQ28 characters. One of my favourites is Sergi the Slasher. The back story of this character alone is amazing.

Anyhow, with the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I thought I'd have a go at something similar.

I've think I've used most of the same parts that Mikko and Kari used. Having said that the backpack came from Victoria Miniatures and he's got hold of an old rusty bolter.

I noted that The Spiky version of this features free hand writing on the chest plate. I kind of cheated here and used Cadian transfers but I think the effect works.

Twist trackers

There were two of them on the roadway, cheerless shades of once humanity. A vanguard of sorts dressed in padded jackets and rags so that they looked like travelling scouts of some archaic and ancient manifestation.

More followed in their wake, shuffling along the road in groups of two or three. They carried rifles of Imperial design or else obsolete weapons, stolen from some armoury up-hive and hastily copied. A few wore helmets, balanced precariously upon their wasted heads, the straps undone at the chin. Others had tied bandannas or scarves around their temples in an approximation of some militant band of insurrectionists, an army of under-hive navvies with only plunder upon their minds. One wore a braided officer's jacket, decorated at the breast with a half dozen medals. Another wore a dark green flak-jacket daubed with swirling patterns of a primitive appearance. Another still wore the peaked mitre of an Administratum priest.

Still, they came on. The men at the rear were armed in a far cruder manner. Sump hooks, sharpened forks and spades, ancient chain swords, the origins of which looked almost Chaotic.

They walked disparately, bereft of discipline or effective leadership, appearing more as a rabble who had stumbled upon the remains of a military costumier. Drink invincible and possessing the swagger of assumed authority, they regarded the tiny warband before them with hungry eyes.

Liago considered the possibilities. These men, these excuses for such, would have to be consigned to the Emporer's Peace. Absolution was the only course of action for his fallen subjects. It would be a shame to waste all of them, however. He wondered if one or two might prove useful in a certain bizarre set of cicumstances. Temporarily of course.

These guys are intended as heavily mutated, underhive scum. The Flagellent and Zombie boxed sets that GW produce are a fantastic source of bits. These two are an amalgamation of zombie legs and torsos, couples with Flagellent chain flail arms and Chaos chain swords.

The Bearer of the Relics

Ok, so after digging out this model from storage after quite a few years I thought he needed a bit of an update in terms of paint job. Here's the latest version:

This was a fairly straight forward conversion using the old Marco Columbo model as a basis. A flagellant head and chain flail arm, topped with a space marine adornment finished it off.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chimera Conversion kit no.3: Set back turret.

Ok, so here's the latest conversion kit that I've been working on. It's something of a cut down and set back turret kit. The turret is supplied along with 3 swappable weapons.

I've put this together in the general style of the old late world war 1 / early world war 2 French tanks. I quite like the rounded turret look.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Heresy Era Space Marines Part 1.

Ok, so I couldn't just buy the Preators could I? I mean they need at least one squad of marines to accompany them.

Again, I stuck with the paint scheme I'm developing. It's turning out quite nice. There is so much detail on these models that it seems a shame to cover it with a dark colour scheme.
They were washed with devaln mud, then dry brushed white. I stuck with standard marine pattern bolters as I object to paying an extra £12 just for weapons. I think they look Ok though.

INQ 28 : Bearer of the Relic

Thought it had been a while since I uploaded anything Inq28 related. I was going through the collection last night, weeding out those models that can safely be ebayed when I came across this chap.

I'd totally forgotten about him. He's based on the Marco Columbo model that is just about to get a reboot (so my sources say). A simple headswap with an Empire Flagellant and the backpack rod from an old Njarll Stormcaller model that's long been lost and he's ready to go. 

Not sure about the paint job. Perhaps this is one that needs stripping and starting again.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Space Marine Praetors painted

Finally got round to painting the Space Marine Praetors. As models go these were a dream to paint although I suspect that was because I went with a relatively easy paint scheme. I'm not so into the official Legion colour schemes so I decided to go with my own. The white areas were washed Devlan Mud then dry brushed white.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chimera Artillery conversion kit

So the Chimera Artillery conversion kit is finished. I've added two weapons to this piece One with a smaller bore than the other. The weapons to be cast separately but have been curved on the base to fit the mounting correctly.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chimera Stug conversion kit for sale

As of today, the Chimera / Stug conversion kit that I put together is now on sale through Master Crafted Miniatures.

I really can't thank Ben at Mastercrafted enough for doing stirling work on the casting of this piece. From the looks of his photos, it's looking like a really crisp reproduction. Plus, the discount code dakkastug gets you a 20% discount until end of July.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it now.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Grey Knights Dreadknight conversion

So following on from my general rant about the limited poses available in many GW models, I thought I'd post a pic of the Grey Knights Dreadknight that I've just finished putting together.

The pose for this one was inspired by Arsies Spanish Golden Demon Dreadknight ( His version is quite amazing and really proves that there is more to this model than the over the counter version.

I wasn't happy with the arm mounted weapons so I've amalgamated them into one giant flame weapon. I'm quite happy with the results.

A note about the pose: The legs for this piece are annoyingly cast as one piece so a bit of cutting was required to get it to stand more dynamically. The pilot also needed chopping to get his legs to look as though they were still attached to the harness. Luckily the plated armour hides most of the joins.
In order to get the arms to hold the weapon appropriately I had to lengthen them with plastic tube.

I think this piece probably needs a bit more work around the weapon. I'm thinking more tubing, feed-lines etc. Also I might remove the fuel tanks and replace them with a bespoke one. They look a bit puny next to that massive muzzle.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Forgeworld Chaos Decimator

Another model recently completed, a Chaos Decimator of Nurgle.

As far as the paint scheme for this model went, it really is a conglomeration of different wash layers, starting with a base coat of bronze, then built up with washes of snakebite leather, sepia, orange, and finally turquoise for the verdigrid look. The armour was painted with a layer of Tamiya light green and then washed again several times with the above colours. I chose two identical weapons for the arms, although I removed the large blades as I thought they looked a little goofy.

I love the fact that Forgeworld designed the legs to be completely dynamic, allowing for different poses. It's a method that GW as a whole could benefit from. I know the IG Sentinel is similar, but some other models (I'm looking at you Eldar Wraithlord and Grey Knights Dreadknight) could really do with this modular approach. I'm guessing that the design of those two models only really lends itself to static poses, but do they have to be so boring? The Dreadknight in particular seems to look a though it's suffering from a few pints too many, on the brink of falling over.

On a wider note: does anyone else think that the new Chaos daemon engine models look a little ... well ... meh? To me they look like something I would have gone nuts over in the 80s, when I was 8 or 9, but to an ... ahem ..... grown up painter / collector they look a little childish. I think it's the perfect paint schemes they seem to paint them in, coupled with the perfect lines and ultra clean finish. To my mind the Chaos should be about hulking, monstrous machines, damaged by years of decay and fetid warp pollution. The models coming out of GW at the moment (the 2 Fiend models, the Helldrake and that god-aweful Khorne Tractor thingy being released next month) look far too finely engineered, far too clean and frankly far too ridiculous.

Forgeworld on the other hand seem to known exactly what they're doing. I love the idea of a Daemon vessel, wrapped in chains and strapped to the back of this model.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Forgeworld Horus Heresy range

At first I wasn't going to get into the Forgeworld Horus Heresy range. I've never been a fan of Space Marines in general (I know. Heresy itself) for much the same reason that I've never been a fan of superheroes. Compared to more human type characters (such as the Imperial Guard or Cultists) there's little actual jeopardy. You know they're always going to succeed in any situation they may find themselves in.

That was the plan anyway.

Until Forgeworld released these guys.......

I'm now £30 lighter. Damn it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

INQ 28: The Librarian

Augustine held the torch steady. The flickering of the votive candle inside cast strange and iridescent shadows upon the shelves beside him, left a trail of green sparks that sputtered and died amongst the detritus littering the floor. Shelves lined the corridor. Row upon row of books, dusty and half decayed in the damp air, half collapsed in their rot and ruin. Just what the master expected to gain from such tomes eluded him.
He shuffled on. Such things were not to be understood. There were greater things at stake, his life being one of them, and men more important than he were relying upon is ability to get in and get out with the minimum of fuss.
He tried not to think of what had gone before. Three others had disappeared into the library’s depths, men better trained and equipped than he. None had reappeared and so his services had been called for.
Augustine concentrated. The torch made the walls come alive, distracting him from the task at hand. He stumbled over fallen books, areas where the shelves had collapsed disgorging their contents into great sodden piles. Something beneath his feet, buried beneath tome upon tome, glowed feebly in the dimming. Pay it no heed and carry on. Nothing could be gained by inspecting the Warp pollution of a thousand years of decay.

It was in the third gallery that he heard it, a thumping slightly out of time with my own. It stopped moments later, no more than a soft padding, muffled and heavy, high up on one of the floors above, lost within the plaster, contained within the wall spaces. There was silence, but not quite silence enough.
When it came again Augustine was ready. The sound, louder, seemingly closer. The shape of the rooms created an echo. He could not be certain of direction. It was definitely there, definitely somewhere within the plundered network of rooms and connecting halls.
He went out into the hall, looked with unease at the dilapidation, was looking still when a shadow slipped from the wall at the end of the corridor, coalesced, congealed. He forced his eyes to make something of the darkness, tried to ascertain detail.
It moved again, a pallid white something, ridged and heaving, taller than a man yet wiry, nimble enough to fit between the shelves.
Augustine hit the limits of his curiosity then, fled through the galleries, through the connecting hallways and stairwells, the storerooms and anterooms, the prison that his master had built for his Grendel, his Lampton Fiend.

The Inquisitorial libraries of Terra are said to hold some of the most dangerous and damaging texts known to mankind. It is said that for those who are unprepared through years of psychic conditioning, the simple recognition of a single word can tip a man into insanity, and perhaps more dangerously, open him up to the possibility of daemonic possession.

Unfortunately, from time to time, members of the Ordo Malleus have need of such tomes and employ specialist Librarians to retrieve them from the hidden depths of their ancient libraries. Such henchmen must be well trained, well equipped and perhaps more importantly, psychicly attuned, for some tomes have often decayed and corrupted to such an extent that they themselves provide an easily traversed bridge between the Warp and the Materium. Who knows what falls through these holes in reality?

This guy was actually a really quick build, carried out over the course of two evenings. He is an amalgamation of Empire Flagellant, Empire Handgunner and various other bits and bobs.

The weapon is intended as some kind of Dragon's Breath Shotgun, charged with blessed shells. An anti-Daemon weapon of a sort. These types of Librarians are not expected to live for very long, but the simple opportunity of laying eyes on their master's forbidden lore makes sure that there are always a pool of volunteer replacements to draw from.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Temple of the Lizard: What's waiting in the Labyrinth?

So I thought it was about time I started to reveal what's waiting in this labyrinth that the Temple seem so eager to protect at all costs.

What has captured their imagination? What worms it's way into their heads as they sleep?

Subtle tendrils have been extending into the underhive. Something waits in the crypts and lost catacombs, slowly exerting an influence, alien and deadly, bending human will to its own. Lone travellers go missing. Sensitive denizens of the upper hive feel a tugging at their psych and slowly go insane.

And all the while the Temple worships and gathers and helps it to .... feed.

.... And yet bigger things exist .....

The Temple of the Lizard: The Sun King

The Sun King is a former drone worker of the Underhive who fell into the clutches of the Temple. He is essentially a mind-scrubbed savant, his only use as that of a beserker, kept under control with massive doses of Stim. As a drone worker his right arm was docked at some point in the distant past and replaced with something more suited to the task of processing whatever washes up on the sump tide. He essentially acts as the Temple's Heavy, able to withstand damage that would otherwise kill an ordinary Temple Brother. Perhaps this is why his hide is pockmarked with old wounds and scars.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Temple of the Lizard: Exhalted Brethren

I realised I haven't posted any actual painted miniatures for a while. Been busy with the casting etc (which is starting to show results. I'll post again when I hear some news).

These characters below are Exhalted Brethren of the Temple of the Lizard. They're intended as an inner guard, a group of mutated and hybrid cultists, hidden and protected within the labyrinth by the more normal looking cultists.

They're quite comprehensive conversions, using the Empire Flagellant as a base. The chainswords come from the Chaos Space Marine range. A few have Victoria Lamb lasgun arms, and a number sport heads from Maxmini. The final touches has been the use of Genestealer arms as the wonderful Deamonette arms to represent those members of the cult that are far too mutated to appear in public.

A word on the bases. All the members of the Temple of the Lizard are mounted on bespoke bases. I wanted them to look like the floor of the underhive, all twisted junk and rusting metal.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Conversion Kits: Part 4

Ok, so we now have resin kits for the tank turrets and the Ragnarok turret. The Ragnarok turret comes complete with a set of 4 interchangeable weapons.

The Ragnarok Turret will be £12 for the set. 
The generic turrets will be £10 for the set.

Visit the For Sale page to make a purchase via PayPal.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversion Kits: Part 3

Ok, so we have molds!!

The extra silicone arrived the other day and more than covered what I needed. In fact I had some left over a trio of turrets that I've also been making so I'll offer those for sale too.

Here are the pics:

A simple, one sided mold for the Ragnarok turret and the interchangeable guns:

Another one sided mold for the trio of turrets.
Two of them are intended to accomodate a weapon (not supplied). The third is intended as an unarmed, observation or communication turret.

Finally, the two part mold for the Chimera conversion kit:

As you can see, all the details appear to have been preserved (phew). Now I just need to buy some resin.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Conversion kits. Part 2

So I've been preparing the conversion kits for casting. I'll be using a two part cast for the Stug chassis and a single part cast for the turret and weapons.

I've found that a single part cast works best if the parts are glued down, otherwise they float in the silicone which fairly easily wrecks what you're doing. I can always go back and clean them up later for a second mold.

For the two part cast I've been trying to work out which end to pour the resin from. I figured that a front down configuration would work best so I've glued several gates to the back end of the model. This is a flat area that can easily be sanded flat again by the user.

Here are the pics:

I sat down last night and built a couple of mold walls out of lego, then watched as my silicone ran out half way through the job. (Note to  self: buy more silicone. I'll top it up when it comes through.)