Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First post

So here we go with my modelling and painting blog.

This blog will primarily be a showcase for my miniature painting and modelling, and will mainly feature models from Games Workshop’s 40K setting although there may be models from other manufacturers once we get up and running.

I'm mainly interested in showing models that could feature in an INQ28 setting. Inquisitors, henchmen, indentured slaves. Also their enemies: a genestealer cult that I'm working on called The Temple of the Lizard.

Alongside a showcase of my creative processes and the resultant models that make up my collection, I intend to offer my services as a commissioned painter. This is why you’ll sometimes find completed models featured without a series of work in progress photos. I’ll endeavour to include as much information regarding parts and paints used as we go along, but if there’s anything you would like replicated for you own collection and fancy commissioning me please get in touch and I’ll be only too happy to send you a quote.

The arrival of this blog has been a long time coming and has been influenced by several other sites along the way, namely: The Tears of Istvaan, Opus Maius, Spiky Rat Pack, INQ28, and not to mention Dave Taylor. A big thank you and shout out to them.