Thursday, April 25, 2013

Conversion Kits: Part 4

Ok, so we now have resin kits for the tank turrets and the Ragnarok turret. The Ragnarok turret comes complete with a set of 4 interchangeable weapons.

The Ragnarok Turret will be £12 for the set. 
The generic turrets will be £10 for the set.

Visit the For Sale page to make a purchase via PayPal.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversion Kits: Part 3

Ok, so we have molds!!

The extra silicone arrived the other day and more than covered what I needed. In fact I had some left over a trio of turrets that I've also been making so I'll offer those for sale too.

Here are the pics:

A simple, one sided mold for the Ragnarok turret and the interchangeable guns:

Another one sided mold for the trio of turrets.
Two of them are intended to accomodate a weapon (not supplied). The third is intended as an unarmed, observation or communication turret.

Finally, the two part mold for the Chimera conversion kit:

As you can see, all the details appear to have been preserved (phew). Now I just need to buy some resin.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Conversion kits. Part 2

So I've been preparing the conversion kits for casting. I'll be using a two part cast for the Stug chassis and a single part cast for the turret and weapons.

I've found that a single part cast works best if the parts are glued down, otherwise they float in the silicone which fairly easily wrecks what you're doing. I can always go back and clean them up later for a second mold.

For the two part cast I've been trying to work out which end to pour the resin from. I figured that a front down configuration would work best so I've glued several gates to the back end of the model. This is a flat area that can easily be sanded flat again by the user.

Here are the pics:

I sat down last night and built a couple of mold walls out of lego, then watched as my silicone ran out half way through the job. (Note to  self: buy more silicone. I'll top it up when it comes through.) 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Conversion kits. Part 1

Before I post any further updates on the Temple of the Lizard (I'm working on mutated flagellants. What's not to like?), I thought I'd just give you a head's up on a new project that I've been developing.

I really love Ratgard's Chimera conversion kits so I thought I'd have a go at making my own.
So far I've got two kits ready for casting.

The first is a chassis kit to turn the venerable Imperial Guard Chimera into a Stug type self propelled artillery piece. The kit comes complete with three different weapons which are interchangeable. In order to use this kit all you need are the Chimera sides, floor and front chassis. 

The kit was created using styrene sheet and tube. Joints were then filled with copious amounts of Liquid greenstuff and then filed smooth using an emery board (several in fact!).

The second kit is a straight up turret kit to turn a Leman Russ into a Ragnarok, similar to the one I featured in the Tanks Tanks Tanks entry. This too will feature interchangeable weapons although I may create different ones from what is shown in the photos below.

Both of these models are now ready to be cast up which I will attempt in the coming weeks. Stay peeled for more updates. My ultimate aim is to cast them in resin and offer them for sale so if you're interested, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get in touch.

That reminds me, if any of you know of a decent brand of resin please do give me a shout. I'm intending to use Easy Flo as I've used it before and found it easy to use, but if you know of anything better I'd be interested in hearing from you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tanks tanks tanks

As a collector of both Imperial Guard and Renegade Militia models, you could quite reasonably call me a tread-head. I've always been fascinated by tanks.

GW's models are all well and good but those of you who have read my other posts will realise by now that I'm something of a stickler for conversion. I find some of GW's tank models a little ... well.... goofy looking? (I'm looking at you Leman Russ). This is probably heresy to some of you :)

Anyway I thought I'd show off a few of the tanks that I've worked on in recent months. Some are straight out of the box, some are tinkered, scratched and generally messed around with.

This first model is meant to represent some kind of Renegade orbital defence platform. The chimera sides are original, the main chassis is a scratchbuild.

My Death Korp Ragnarok. Created from Chimera skirts, a leman Russ chassis and a scratchbuilt turret.

Out of the box Forgeworld Malcador. The rust effects on this model were created with a base coat of bronze, washed in subsequent layers of sepia, brown, orange and eventually commando khaki.

This model is from Pig Iron with a few GW additions (the Sentinal exhaust ports). The camouflage on this and the Malcador was created by base coating the entire tank in watered down green, then blocked off sections with masking tape. Finally the whole thing was then sprayed with white primer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Death Korp

As well as producing plenty of scratchbuilt characters, I thought I'd take a moment to just show off a few items from a Death Korp army that I have been steadily building over the course of the last two years.

The Death Korp have a semi mythic following amongst fans of the Imperial Guard. For ages we had to make do with converted Steel Legion minis which, although nice to look at, didn't really fulfil the potential of what the fluff surrounding these guys was getting at.

Then along comes Forgeworld. Now say what you like about Forgeworld's prices or their frankly outrageous 12% delivery fee (£4.50 to deliver a small box weighing less than 300 grams?) they consistently deliver on quality in terms of detail and character. The Death Korp have character in spades.

Part of my love for the Imperial Guard range comes from the fact that, despite being a far future sci fi range, they have their roots firmly imprinted in historical past. There is something about the French/German gas trooper look that translates really well to an army who are supposedly from a planet destroyed by NBC warfare.

So here are my offerings.

All of these models are painted in washes only. Starting with two base coats of Devlan Mud. The trousers were washed in Nuln Oil, whilst the leather was picked out in Humbrol leather and then washed again in Nuln Oil. Finally, the armour was given a base coat of Tamiya F22 Flat Grey, which dries to an almost green, before a final coat of Nuln oil.

The Death Rider's mount was given a base coat of water thinned Swooping Hawk blue (anyone remember that? I found an old pot at the back of my man cave. What the hell.) and satin varnish to allow it to adhear. The mounts are meant to be vat grown clones so a pallid colour scheme worked best for these.

The base for the Thudd Gun was a scratchbuilt, simply a circle cut from 2mm plasticard, adorned with a few balsa wood planks. It is pretty rudimentary but at the time I was more concerned with painting the models. Who knows, I may rebase it someday.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

INQ28 : The Temple of the Lizard

I'm loving GW's cultist models. They're exactly what traitor collectors have been crying out for for ages. They're also highly convertable which makes them especially interesting.

I've been thinking for some time about how to put together a Genestealer Cult army. But what to use for Brood Brothers?

Initially I was taken by GW's Van Saar models from their Necromunda range, but although they're good, they look just a little too clean to me, too well equipped and professional looking. What I was after was something more rag-tag, something that conveyed a group of characters who have lost all hope whatsoever and have turned to a new and exciting religion that has sprung up in their area of the Underhive. GW's chaos cultists represent just that. Armed in a hodge podge style with whatever they can lay their hands on, led by robed and ragged priests.

The Temple of the Lizard are a growing menace in the Secundus Underhive. They preside over and protect an area of abandoned tunnels and forgotten catacombs they refer to as The Labyrinth. The outer reaches are patrolled by a mutated circle of inner followers, a cadre of Genestealer Hybrids, whilst the inner depths are occupied by something far larger and far more hungry. Thus, the Temple infiltrate the upper hab zones in search of prey, kidnapping the unwary, the careless, the inebriated, abandoning them to the Labyrinth and the hunger within.

The Brood Brothers are almost all from GW's cultist range, although I have converted them all to some extent. I've added new weapons here and there, added heads from the Empire Flagellant range. The priest's axe has been replaced with something larger. I've got rid of virtually all close combat weapons, the idea being that although these cultists worship and revere purestrain genestealers, those self same creatures care not whom they snatch. In this way each cultist needs a couple of weapons of last resort if going up against one, even though such pop guns would be virtually useless against such a ferocious foe.

A word about the bases: I wanted the base to look like the surface of the sump crust. To this end I raided my small collection of watch parts, perfect for small cogs, bit of unidentified metal. A few upright pipes were added, made from styrene tube. The whole thing was then washed in thinned down PVA and sprinkled with baking powder, which gave a very rough, rust like surface texture. This was then washed in thinned down varnish to seal in place. The whole thing was then painted dark brown and washed with various thin glazes of orange and gryphone sepia.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Inquisitorial Henchmen 4: Crusaders and Guardsmen

A few more normal looking henchmen now (or as normal as the 40k setting allows). These chaps are decidedly human with only minor modifications. I envisage these as off-worlder iconoclasts, religious warriors, priestly soldiers.

First up, a Crusader. Created from several different parts: Empire cannon legs, Elysian torso, another Death Rider arm + modified lasgun. I particularly like the snail drum ammunition feed on the weapon created from a Cadian grenade launcher magazine. I envisaged this weapon being an ancient, solid slug based firearm, the recoil of which would require considerable skill to control.

This chap was created in a single sitting. He's quite a basic amalgam of parts, based upon a Brettonian torso, a cut down lasgun, heraldry etc.

The Cadian grenade throwing arm works really nicely here with the addition of a pistol. I filed off the detail on his Cadian torso armour, so that it looks more like a single plate chest piece, perhaps of ancient provenance.

Inquisitorial Henchmen 3: The Gimp

The Gimp is a mutant, rescued from the sump crust after displaying a latent psycic power in the form of an uncanny ability to navigate the labyrinthine depths of Secundus Underhive. This alone has spared him execution or internment aboard an Inquisitorial Blackship, although this stay can surely only be temporary.

For now he is a useful addition, although one with a finite lifespan.

The model started life as a Vampire Counts Ghoul. The head came from a Warhammer Zombie, as too the arms. The Power Hammer is actually the hammer from the out of production Empire Priest.

Inquisitorial Henchmen 2: The Crimson Reliquary

My second henchman is also a slightly mysterious character, more a silent watcher than anything approaching useful in a fight.

The Crimson Reliquary is just that, a reliquary containing the ossified remains of a great hero, in this case a Space Marine Terminator of indeterminate origin.

The starting point was a Terminator torso. To this I added a Warhammer Zombie head and arms. The right hand arm was adorned with various tubes and wires to give the idea that the original character was heavily bionically modified. The torso also is trailing wires and devotional bells and charms. The whole model was finished off with various purity seals and a Grey Knight heraldry pad, hinting at the origin of this mysterious character.

Inquisitorial Henchmen 1: The Red Mage

Every Inquisitor needs a pack of henchmen to keep him company. The next few posts will feature my first few henchmen. My starting point for these is the artwork of John Blanche. Enough has been written elsewhere  (no less on the excellent Tears of Isstvan blog) as to why John's artwork speaks volumes in portraying the uniquely gothic and baroque feel of the 40k universe. Looking at his work, you get the feeling that although he is portraying the far future, enough of the past remains for each piece to be recognisable. I like the idea that his characters could be quite at home in some vast Hive World or in the court of some 14th century despot.

The Red Mage

For the Red Mage, the starting point was the Vampire Counts Wraith. The torso beneath the robes was made from several Forgeworld Renegade Militia backpacks. The head too was taken from a Renegade Militiaman. If you look carefully you can just about make out his artificial lung, made from another Death Korp flamer canister. The drug injectors on his back are scratchbuilt from polystyrene tube.

I wanted the Red Mage to feel mysterious. Silent company, perhaps only communicating through hand gestures or not at all. He is a soothsayer, a recluse, a reader of sump rat bones and the movements of dust particles. 


I've been working on a couple of Inquisitors lately. I like the models that GW produce but somehow I feel that they need a slight baroqueness that isn't in the models commercially available. They also should feature quite a level of customisation. Inquisitors are extremely individual characters and any mini should reflect this.

These are my offerings.

This model uses the Warhammer Empire Witchhunter as a starting point. The conversion of it is fairly minimal as it is a nice model to begin with. The head has been replaced with that of a Grey Knight Terminator whilst the armour and leather greatcoat is adorned with extra purity seals.

The second model represents a fairly deep delve into the bits box. His legs and torso are from an Empire Greatcoat. His left arm is a spare from a Death Korp Death Rider, finished with a Space Marine Bolter. His right arm is the Power Sword arm from the Cadian Command Squad. I've shaved off the shoulder pad here to give it a flatter appearance. His is carrying the spare Great Sword from the Empire Witchhunter above. I've also finished him with the Flame Canister from a Krieg flamer. This has been used as a life support cannister of some sort.