Monday, August 12, 2013

My take on a classic.

I've been a big follower of Spiky Rat Pack for some time now. I love the vision that Kari and Mikko have been putting together in terms of INQ28 characters. One of my favourites is Sergi the Slasher. The back story of this character alone is amazing.

Anyhow, with the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I thought I'd have a go at something similar.

I've think I've used most of the same parts that Mikko and Kari used. Having said that the backpack came from Victoria Miniatures and he's got hold of an old rusty bolter.

I noted that The Spiky version of this features free hand writing on the chest plate. I kind of cheated here and used Cadian transfers but I think the effect works.

Twist trackers

There were two of them on the roadway, cheerless shades of once humanity. A vanguard of sorts dressed in padded jackets and rags so that they looked like travelling scouts of some archaic and ancient manifestation.

More followed in their wake, shuffling along the road in groups of two or three. They carried rifles of Imperial design or else obsolete weapons, stolen from some armoury up-hive and hastily copied. A few wore helmets, balanced precariously upon their wasted heads, the straps undone at the chin. Others had tied bandannas or scarves around their temples in an approximation of some militant band of insurrectionists, an army of under-hive navvies with only plunder upon their minds. One wore a braided officer's jacket, decorated at the breast with a half dozen medals. Another wore a dark green flak-jacket daubed with swirling patterns of a primitive appearance. Another still wore the peaked mitre of an Administratum priest.

Still, they came on. The men at the rear were armed in a far cruder manner. Sump hooks, sharpened forks and spades, ancient chain swords, the origins of which looked almost Chaotic.

They walked disparately, bereft of discipline or effective leadership, appearing more as a rabble who had stumbled upon the remains of a military costumier. Drink invincible and possessing the swagger of assumed authority, they regarded the tiny warband before them with hungry eyes.

Liago considered the possibilities. These men, these excuses for such, would have to be consigned to the Emporer's Peace. Absolution was the only course of action for his fallen subjects. It would be a shame to waste all of them, however. He wondered if one or two might prove useful in a certain bizarre set of cicumstances. Temporarily of course.

These guys are intended as heavily mutated, underhive scum. The Flagellent and Zombie boxed sets that GW produce are a fantastic source of bits. These two are an amalgamation of zombie legs and torsos, couples with Flagellent chain flail arms and Chaos chain swords.

The Bearer of the Relics

Ok, so after digging out this model from storage after quite a few years I thought he needed a bit of an update in terms of paint job. Here's the latest version:

This was a fairly straight forward conversion using the old Marco Columbo model as a basis. A flagellant head and chain flail arm, topped with a space marine adornment finished it off.