Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chimera Convertion Kit 4: Vendetta Laser Tank Destroyer

Ok, moving on with the fourth of my conversion kits for the venerable Imperial Guard Chimera. This one is intended as a replacement for the Destroyer Tank Hunter, currently only available through Forgeworld.

Like the other kits that I've produced, this one again fits over the back portion of the Imperial Guard Chimera, replacement the rear hull.

The kit is in two pieces, the hull superstructure and the main hull mounted weapon.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

INQ28 Sump Witch

I saw the basis of this model on Pinterest and it really caught my eye, so much so that I thought I'd have a go at doing my own version.

Edit: As Kari from Spiky Rat Pack mentions in the comments, the original concept for this model was done by Codfish Parings, another great miniature convertor.

I like the idea of strange and mysterious, hermit type beings, wandering the hive sump, divining possible futures from the patterns and eddies they spy upon the spoil shores. I imagine that these creatures might be sought out by the gangs that inhabit the underhive, revered and spoken of in hushed tones, begged for advice and a glimpse at what the future might hold.

Are they psychic? Who can tell? Their communication attempts are rudimentary at best. Some of the sump fishermen along the rim tell of hearing strange bursts of radio static in the gloom. But that could be anything.

There are those that swear they are artificial, some ancient and heretical pattern of AI, discarded or broken free from their programmed limitations.

Others say that they are mutants, twists, failed experiments.

Obviously the base model for this was the Cairn Wraith. The arms and chem stubs are from the Talos pain engine. The legs are from an Kroot model. They took quite a bit of work to straighten them out, which was achieved by making small cuts then backfilling with greenstuff. 
The head is scratchbuilt from various tubes and pipes etc.

Monday, September 2, 2013

ISOG - Inquisitorial Special Observations Group

I've been toying with the idea of recreating historical units as a type of 40k archetype. The current Imperial Guard line already take this as a jumping off point what with the Death Korp being based on First World War French and German soldiers and the Valhallan's being based on the Russian Red Army.

With only the Catachans representing a Vietnam era archetype I thought it was time to expand upon that a little.

These guys are meant to represent some kind of behind the lines Special Forces type, a little like the MAC V SOG who operated in parts of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

For the most part I've used Victoria Miniature parts for these. The heads, torsos, arms, backpacks and equipment is all from them. The only GW parts I've used are the GW Cadian legs. 

I've really liking what Victoria Miniatures are coming out with at the moment.

Inquisitor 3

So I bought the latest incarnation of the Empire Warrior Priest in finecast the other day with the intention of 40k-ing it up a little. I like the detail on this model and the ease with which you can swap the arms and head out to create something entirely different.

He's a fairly simple conversion. Just a space marine chainsword arm, a Cadian command arm with plasma pistol and a grey knight terminator head. I've also added any number of purity seals, inquisitorial grenades and devotional items etc.