Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chimera Heavy Assault Carrier

I've been working on another conversion kit lately. This one is intended as a heavier version of the venerable Chimera that sacrifices troop space for a pair of forward firing heavy weapons (bolters perhaps?) It was very much inspired by the top of the Malcador turret. I like the idea of independently targetable sponsons.

The weapons for this piece will come as two separate items. I'm currently working on them at the moment / waiting to sand them down so that they fit the curve of the sponson.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Phoenix Guard Terminators painted

So I spent the weekend getting these little beauties finished.

Painted the usual way for my Heresy collection. Undercoated white, washed in devland mud, then dry brushed white again. Highlights in dark grey and a mix of golds. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

INQ28 Crusader

Just another INQ28 character this time, possibly a Crusader or Religous Zealot of the Imperial Faith. I don't see him as a major player, perhaps only a background character.

He's a fairly wide amalgam of bits, although he's obviously based on the Brettonian Command body. A Grey Knight Sword, Space Marine head, Flagellant arms et, complete this model.

Forgeworld Phoenix Guard Terminators

So I'm really loving Foregworld's Horus Heresy output at the moment and I had to pick up a set of these.

The only drawback to them is that their original weapons are so fragile that they would almost certainly not survive handling. Instead of putting up with damaged models in the future I've decided to preempt the matter and swap out the weapons for other things. The two that are featured here are armed with Space Wolf Terminator bolters and Grey Knight swords / crosius.

As you can see, they're semi-painted at the moment. Just a brown wash has been applied. I intend to dry brush this with white, then pick out the detail is Gold, much like my other Heresy models.
The bases were created using a mixture of plaster of paris, sand and cork. The slabs are broken bits of plaster of paris that was poured out thinly onto a surface and left to dry.

Looking forward to getting these painted.