Monday, December 16, 2013

Chimera Stug kit

So I thought it was about time that I put my gratis copy of the Chimera Stug kit that I produced for Master crafted Miniatures together. Ben at Master Crafted was kind enough to send me a copy of my work, and I must say, he's done a fantastic job. The cast is pretty much perfect. There are no bubbles to be seen and all the lines are crisp and true. I'm mighty relieved to see that it fits the Chimera chassis perfectly too.

I'll be painting this up in the colours of my Death Korp army. It'll do them good to get a bit of armoured support. Painted pictures to follow shortly.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ringer of Secundus

From the moment Inquisitor Liago's Lighter landed at the East dock of Secundus hive, his presence became a cause celebre amongst the denizens of the upper halls. How could it not? The inhabitants had been plagued by strange dreams for months. People had been disappearing on a regular basis and word was that a plot of hideous proportions was being hatched. Those who resided upon the Underhive border spoke of looks cast their way, petty thefts of devotional objects, even outright attempts to lure them into the darker, more run down, portions of the area. Whispers of a hidden temple, a cult if you will, hung upon the lips and speaker grilles of all.

Liago wasted no time in venturing into the foul and forgotten depths and here, came across his first challenge. This was supposed to be a discreet affair, a quick in and out with the goods. One inhabitant however, seemed to have other plans: an adept of the Imperial Faith, equipped with an ancient pair of sin-bells and a vox-caster, who seemed to be one step ahead of Liago at all times. Worse, it insisted upon constantly singing the Inquisitor’s high praise, accompanying itself with an awful cacophony of bell-ringing and vox-feedback.

Liago considered his position. His presence was well and truly compromised.
How did this creature, this apology for the human form, know of his location? How did it manage to stay one step ahead of his Crusaders? Was it psychic? Was it a reader of sump casts and vapour clouds?

This Twist, this what-ever-it-was, would have to disappear, willingly or otherwise.