Tuesday, March 25, 2014

INQ28: Mad Old Preacher

So I built this chap in a single sitting after a fairly deep dive into the bits box. He's intended to be some kind of mad, under-hive, fear-shouter, the kind of chap you see on a street corner with a placard around his neck.

I guess there were some fairly subliminal influences going on with this one as after I had finished him, I sat back and thought 'Hell, I've created Fred Phelps." He was in the news again that day after all, and there's more than a little bit of resemblance in that Empire magician head!

Not that the old git needs any form of memorial, but I wanted to design a mad old b*****d and that's what I got.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

INQ28: The Labyrinth of Secundus

Ok, so as promised, the wait for the next surprise is over and this one is going to be a long one.

With the Temple of the Lizard pretty much under my belt, and an ever increasing INQ28 retinue, I thought it best to start visualising the sort of environment that might represent Secundus Underhive, and more particularly, the Labyrinth that the Temple seem so desperate to protect.

I had thought that I would make use of Forgeworld's excellent Zone Mortalis range and to be honest I still might. However, something happened. That something was the Yggdrassilium that has inspired so many of the INQ28 community.

Not wanting to copy the Yggdrasslium board, I went about making my own from scratch. Hopefully the inspiration isn't too obvious. The pieces shown below are 300mm square slabs of MDF. The floor boards were created from scratch in plasticard, then cast up into a silicon mould. I then used modelling plaster to create them in batches of 6.

Everything else is junk that I found laying around, plus a few Necromunda bulkheads, and a section of Space Marine Landing Platform. Each of these boards was then given a watered down wash of PVA and sprinkled with sand, more modelling clay and any other stuff I had laying around to give a really nasty decayed and rusty effect. 

The first two boards were meant to represent some kind of hive sump. The toxic liquid was created with a thin layer of resin, washed once dry with green paint. I then went to town with the green, yellow, brown and red paints until I'd created a right mess to be honest. I got the intended effect though. It looks suitably nasty and there's no telling what floats just beneath the surface.

The liquid was then given a thick coat of gloss varnish.

The rickety paths across the sump.

An old pumping station, now rusty and disused.

A Turbine of some sort perhaps.

The sump crust quietly dissolving a piece of flotsam.

A broken pipe (or a Smarties tube if you look closely)

The next board is meant to represent the gateway to the Temple Labyrinth itself. The inspiration behind this board was the image from my last post: the scene in Ridley Scott's Alien where Brett investigates the landing bay rooms.

Necromuna Bulheads put to good use.

Oil drums made out of plumber's tube and given a plasticard cap.

So here's the semi-finished piece. I still need one more board to complete the first section.

The rusty and weeping walls of the Labyrinth.

Pathway towards the gate.

Those oil drums again, now leaking all sorts of unidentified ooze.

Monday, March 10, 2014

INQ28: Something Interesting on the Horizon

So I've been working on a larger project recently, something that will be of interest to followers of both INQ28 and Zone Mortalis.

I wont say too much about it now (I need to take more photos), other than to post the image below which was an inspiration.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Horus Heresy: Emporer's Children Iconoclasts

So I picked up a pack of Forgeworld's Emporer's Children Kakophony Noise Marines. As with most of Forgeworld's output these guys are full of character. Not quite sure of what they're carrying, looks like an air conditioning unit. Whatever it is it's dripping in detail.

These were painted up in my usual heresy era colour scheme, although this time I added a little more dirt/rust weathering etc. Not having read any of the Heresy era literature I get the impression that these guys are beginning to display their corruption a little, what with their heads becoming melded with their breathing apparatus/speaker grills etc.