Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The North Lock

Where's the god-damned beacon?

After working on my Secundus Underhive Sump gameboard I've got into terrain in a big way. I started to wonder what might lie above ground, just outside the sump. I've always loved Forgeworld's Imperial Stronghold terrain piece, so having a spot of cash in hand, decided to buy one.

I've got to say, this piece is very nice. The level of detailing is quite fantastic and it will represent the perfect outlying entrance to the tunnels that lead down into the sump itself.

Two feet by two feet is quite large when you finally get close to it which means there really was only one way to paint this: sprays.

I undercoated in various shades of grey, then painted the metal work in Bronze. This was then washed with several layers of rust, before the whole board was coated in two layers of ModelMate's excellent weathering spray. Brown and Sand. I find that for large surfaces any home-made washes are best applied with a small hand pumped spray bottle.

I wanted this piece to be a semi-forgotten gate-post into the underhive. Perhaps it hasn't been manned for several decades. Ash storms have stripped the paint from the metal work and everything is pretty much in a state of disrepair. I was inspired by this image in particular:

The deserted, industrially polluted beach in Alien 3.

Other boards will follow. I've already had an idea for a polluted and abandoned habitat zone, lying just outside the gate itself, perhaps an old Scavvy hangout.

Nurgle Spook Drones

So I saw something like these shown by Bruticus on Dakka Dakka and I thought something similar would make an excellent addition to my Nurgle themed traitor guard army, perhaps as some kind of summoned Deamon or an unholy amalgam of machine and diseased critter.

The base model is of course the Forgeworld Tyranid Spore Mine (excellent value at 3 for £20). The additional parts came from the Nurgle Plague Drones and various Dark Eldar torture devices. Only a little bit of greenstuff work was needed to strengthen the joins etc.