Thursday, May 8, 2014

All-father, who art in the vats. Hallowed be thy call.

++ Interrogation date: M41 00449922AB++
++ Present:            Lord of His Emporer’s Holy Inquisition, [Redacted]++

++ Mercy. Mercy. Mercy. Mercy ++
++ Great Emporer have mercy ++
++ [Whispers] Lied to us. Lied to us he did. Wicked man. Wicked man.++
++ [Whispers] How were we supposed to know?++

[Redacted] Ignorance of Imperial Doctrine is no excuse. Self-pity is equal to corruption of the soul.

++ Said he was a man, he did. Lied to us. Said he was human. Said he would heal us. Make us whole.++
++ He wasn’t though… not a man. Different.++
++ [Whispers] I want to live I want to live I want to live … Similar to a man he was.++

[Redacted] Similarity implies Difference. Your words betray you. How he was different.

++ Emporer be praised, Emporer be praised, Emporer be praised.++

[Redacted] Your debt cannot be repaid by words alone. Only the flesh will atone.

++ He had limbs.++
++ Hid them beneath wrappings he did. Saw them once. Just once.++

[Redacted] Describe him.

++ Smooth skin … extra arms … segmented … Looked like a Sump Beetle he did. Juicy and fat and tasty.++

[Redacted] And what did you think when you beheld this sight?

++ … I don’t know … I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know.++

[Redacted] Your reticence is insincere. You are as transparent as a Gutter-fish. Do not think that there is anything you can hide from me. It will only command greater punishments.

++ [Whispers] I don’t want to die I don’t want to die I don’t want to die.++
++ [Whispers] Knew he was … wrong, I did.++
++ Insulted Emporer’s Holy cleanliness.++

++ Transcript recorded during interrogation of so-called Temple Brother, Malcoth, prior to said subject’s incineration.++

The Goodtime Gang

Finally got round to painting the Riddick inspired bounty hunters. As you can see, the paint scheme is pretty plain, just hues of brown and black in order to blend in with any terrain. I envisage these guys picking up uniform on an ad-hoc basis, arming themselves with whatever they can find on some back-water planet armoury, perhaps even taking the weapons of their fallen quarry. I think the personality of Goggles and Glass Jaw (guess which one he is!) have really come out with painting.

See what you think.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blessed All-father

After a quiet patch on the Temple of the Lizard I finally managed to lay my hands on some key parts that I was after to make the so-called leader.

Nobody knows who this chap really is. He appeared in the under-hive a few years back with the ability to induce a psychic feeling of peace and harmony in the mind anybody who chose to follow him.

It is almost certain that he has been touched by the Tyranid Hive Mind to some extent, although just how much, nobody can say for certain. He never reveals his face and communicates only through a flickering votive candle, a form of divination that seems too accurate to be the product of random chance alone. He hides physical mutations beneath his robes, but these too he keep hidden, aware that any display of difference will have him hunted down by the various Redemption cults that can be found in the Sump.

And so he leads the Temple onwards to certain destruction, controlled like a meat puppet by the Thing That Waits in the Labyrinth.

The basis of this guy was of course the Zombie Corpse Cart driver, plus the addition of a Blood Angel head and the candle from a Scion Servo Skull. I wanted this guy to look a bit otherworldly, an oddity even amongst the denizens of the Sump.

On the work table

I thought I'd give a  quick update as to what I'm working on at the moment.

I was recently given a big ol' bag ol' Rogue Trader era metal (about 5kg worth) Happy days.
After sticking most of it on ebay, I was left with a number of models that I thought could be brought into a more modern era of 40k. After watching the new Riddick film I thought I'd put together an allied bounty hunter team.

I haven't worked out a back story for these guys yet but, along with most Imperial Guard fans I'm sure, I thought they'd be a brilliant way of using up some of those fine spare pieces from the Scions pack. So here goes.

They're all pretty straight forward conversions, but I think they make quit effective bounty hunters.