Sunday, June 29, 2014

Terrain: As Above, So Below.

Being the further tales of Secundus underhive, and the Ash Wastes which surround it.

I finished two pieces of terrain this weekend. First up, the 5th section of Underhive Sump in the form of a straight up, mainly unmodified piece of Forgeworld Zone Mortalis. I plan on expanding the Labyrinth proper using these pieces from time to time. They are gorgeously cast and full of little details although as you can see I mainly painted this piece up in rust colours. I also added a little scratchbuilt bowser or old fuel cell to add interest.

I picked up some of GW's new Agrellan Earth crackle paint for this tile and I've got to say the results were pretty cool. Firstly, it seems to strip whatever layer is behind it so that needs to be taken into consideration. Secondly the effects seem to differ depending on how thickly you spoon it on, and I do mean spoon. I put it on in a 1mm thick layer and it crackled up nicely. Any thinner and the effects are less obvious. After it dried I gave it a thin coat of PVA as it's quite fragile without, then gave it several wash layers. The results give a nice abandoned look.

Then there's this.

When I saw that Forgeworld had released this I knew that it had to form part of the Ash waste surrounding Secundus. Forgeworld have seriously outdone themselves with this piece. I keep spotting little details every time I look at it, and painting it was a joy. Each wash layer seemed to bring out extra details that I had missed before.

As with the last topside piece, this was mainly painted using sprays and various wash coats. I put the Aggrellan Earth to good use again and gave the results a wash of rust pigment.

Still not sure if it's finished yet. It's been such a great subject to paint that I keep wanting to add more. Guess I'll have to stop before I ruin the whole thing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inquisitor Treask & the Flame Savant Pt2.

So here they are painted.

Went with a very rough and ready approach to painting here with lots of dry brushing. The Savant in particular was treated fairly roughly with quite a bit of rust weathering powder.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Inquisitor Treask & The Flame Savant

It's always great when a model just comes together. The Inquisitor side of this pair started life as a Necromunda Bounty Hunter. I took the legs, added a Cadian torso and the duo just happened to fit the Scions leather jacket. Various other bits completed the piece. I'm especially happy with the Hell Pistol and the Servo Skull peeking over his shoulder. Plus, I'm finally getting to the bottom of that spare Scions parts pile.

If you look a bit closer you'll also spot a Chaos symbol hanging from his neck. Perhaps this Inquisitor is of the more radical persuasion. Perhaps he's at the beginning of a very dark journey.

The Savant is pretty much a quick mish-mash of parts, including various Warhammer Zombie bits, the flamer and canister from a Forgeworld Elysian Tauros etc. I'm guessing he's some kind of underhive Pyromaniac, his ability to start a fire turned towards a more useful end.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Prison Guard Pt. 2 & Extras

I got the time to sit down and do a spot of painting last night so I gave the Prison Guard a good going over.

He's pretty simply painted. I wanted to keep the robes as light as possible in order to show up his gubbins etc.

I also had a dig through my old miniatures box and came across this Death Cultist who I thought would make an excellent addition to my INQ28 collection.

I've always hated the swords on these models. They're far too short / non-detailed, so I swapped it out for a modified Eldar sword. With the addition of a few small Grey Knight gribblies this one was good to go.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Prison Guard

Only those who find themselves held in an Inquisitorial prison know true despair. Those holding centres, often situated in the darkest snickety holes that the Inquisition can think of, are populated by those who are deemed to possess knowledge or power that may one day prove useful. Too valuable to simply dispose of through execution or mind-scrubbing, unfortunates who are held like this are often forgotten, left to languish for years or even decades, tended to only by half-living machines that chatter in the darkness, or the Prison Guards, Servitors programmed only to carry out their menial tasks.

This guy came together really quickly, and was inspired by a piece that came from a great blog that I've just discovered: The Art of Schwager. In particular the Key Bearer from this page.

He's was based on a Skaven Plague Monk body. His head comes from the Scions Servo Skull (still getting through those spare parts), with a few chopped up hoses from the same pack etc. The key ring is the com loop from a Cadian coms pack and the keys come from the Empire Flagellant kit.

No idea what kind of critter that giant key could lock up. I like the idea of some all-powerful psyker being held behind massive iron doors.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Labyrinth Part 2

I've finally finished the 4th quadrant of the Underhive entrance to the Labyrinth. As before, this piece is based on 12mm MDF with plaster cast floor tiles and walls made from Necromunda bulkheads. 

This piece is basically a self-contained room.

The entrance from the main landing area. What horrors await through the doorway?

Over-head shot showing the general layout.

Perspective shot showing the way it all fits together.

Overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It's a start anyway.

Next, it's onto the Labyrinth proper. I've got a few Zone Mortalis pieces waiting in the wings for that.