Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Tale of Two Psychics

Before I went on holiday I had the chance to put some paint on these chaps.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

And lo, the portents did tell of the death of the All Father and the arrival of the new, an individual to strike courage into the hearts of old guard, to lead it forth, to tame those things that scratched and bit and clawed in the dark and turn them to further use.

He appeared along the Sump shore one morning. The Witches, keening in their blindness, paid him no heed and let him pass. Towards the water line the crust was studded with thousands of Sump Jellies, gelatinous and quivering, decorating the high tide mark like a menagerie of blancmanges as though even they had given up upon the water, preferring death over that which they found poisoned and unpalatable. He moved amongst them like a stilt walker, piercing each and every wretched victim that he came across with his staff as though engaged in some obligatory tally of the dead.

The Temple runners spied him at first light, followed, careful to keep their distance and their quickness. Word spread. A plan was hatched. A trap was sprung.

And in this way the traveller did enter unto the Temple.

In revisiting the Temple of the Lizard I thought it was time that the old All-father had a challenger. I've always assumed that the position of leader of the Temple is always a precarious one, and that the members would be only too quick to murder the old leader if they thought a stronger one was at hand.

This guy is based upon one of the Forgeworld renegade psychics. I also like the idea that he has stolen the All-father's mask and used it for his own ends. Mystery being an imperative amongst the Temple.
He comes preaching the Truth, or his version of it, hence the books and devotional objects.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Unwitting Gate

Not all renegade psykers are lucky enough to be able to control their abilities. In the heat of battle, some lose their inhibitions and let their abilities own them to such an extent that they become the unlucky recipient of attention from some nefarious warp entity. 

This guy is one such individual. He's intended as some kind of living warp gate. He's a simple conversion really. I was trying to get the idea of some warp gribbly emerging from beneath his skin. I've always thought that the original sculpt, although lovely, looked a little "I've left the oven on!"