Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chaos renegades: old skool

Finally, Forgeworld have released something approximating the Chaos Renegade range, so wonderfully illustrated in the old Slaves to Darkness book: the Gal Vorvak. I always thought it a shame that GW didn't capitalise on their wonderful chaotic imagery at the time and produce some true horrors. These guys more than make up for it, however.

To start with, they are huge, at least 50mm from foot to head, dripping in cracked armour, hideous mutations and various warp induced sproutings. I'm guessing the sculptor(s) was/were influenced by John Carpenter's 'The Thing' as some of the mutations on these things are sickening (in a good way). 

Forgeworld have really gone to town and they were a pleasure to both build and paint.

I painted these in the colours of my own traitor legion, using the same method that I used with the Chaos Chosen, namely a wash of Nuln Oil, followed by various splashings of turquoise and terracotta. Further washes of Sepia to follow, finished with a pattina of gold and various green and turquoise wash hues.

The results are pretty random as you'd expect from something so twisted and shaped by the warp. The remnants of their armour seems to barely contain their bodies.

I love this arm in particular. In fact the way most of the hands have been sculpted are fairly horrifying, from hands based on huge jaw bones, the fingers that have melded with weapons, as below.