Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Jolly Highwayman and the Gun Savant

So I painted up the Rogue Trader. I swapped out his chainsword with a slightly more exotic chainsword. I wanted him to look quite exotic, as though he's picked up parts of his uniform piece-meal or tumbled out of a costumer's.


I also put together a Gun Savant from a Necromunda Escher Juve. You don't see many female Servitors so I thought it was time that was rectified. The shotgun was fairly easy to clip away. It was replaced with various Hell-gun parts. The head is simply a servo-skull with a few additional shapes etc.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Alternative Tallarn

Amongst the goodies that Victoria Miniatures sent me the other day were enough parts to create a complete squad of alternative Tallarn. I love the idea of distinctive Imperial Guard regiments but yet again, GW have let the fans down by not having a viable alternative to their quite badly out of date metal models. (Also, in putting these together and seeing what others are doing with Vic's IG range, it really does ram home how awful the vanilla Cadians actually are, but that's just my opinion).

Anyway, Vic sent me Arcadian Legs, Victoria Torsos, bare arms, plus enough packs and pouches to add a bit of character. Add to that the desert heads that I bought from Puppetswar and the packs from The Assault Group and I think I've got a nicely looking squad of Tallarn.

The parts from Victoria Miniatures go together so well. They are mostly free of flash, and what flash their is, is hair thin and easily removable with a craft knife, or even a light finger rub. The casting is second to none, with crisp detail and virtually no warpage.

All in, I'm looking forward to painting these.

Stand and Deliver : The Plucky Highwayman

I wasn't intending to recreate Adam Ant, honest!

I recently picked up a unit of Solar Auxila at Warhammer Fest a few months back. I had thought that they were the replacement for the Terran Army, however, reading up about them, I discovered that they are intended as some kind of Conquistador type unit, backing up Rogue Traders in their conquest of new planets etc.

That led me to think that they needed  some kind of commander, and so my Rogue Trader was born.

The base model is obviously the new plastic commissar. The head came from an Empire Great Sword character.

I wanted the weapons to be both elegant, (i.e. the dark elder weapon that this chap has obviously found or stolen) and brutal (i.e. the standard Imperial chain sword).

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Penitent and the Servitor: Pt 2

I had some time this weekend to put a splash of paint on my latest INQ28 creations. Of the two I think the Servitor is by far the more successful. I tried hard to capture the JB aesthetic for this one, spurred on by a comment from the Ammobunker regarding him looking like something from an INQ cuckoo clock.

The penitent is a little plainer looking. I was opting for a more ragged appearance. I like the idea that his gaolers have covered him in pinned on religious and devotional texts as a way to negate his apparent transgressions.