Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Inquisitorial AdMech Liaison

You've got to love GW's Ad Mech output, the sheer number of spare parts alone is worth the price tag for each kit.

This guy was a really fast build. He just seemed to go together without any fuss. He's intended as some kind of AdMech crusader attached to my INQ28 retinue. Perhaps he is a slightly higher form of Tech Thrall, an amalgamation of body parts, sewn together for the purpose of combat.

His head came out of an idea I've had bubbling around since I saw the Skittari kit. I wondered what kind of person inhabited those suits. The top half comes from the warhammer zombie sprue (got to find a use for some of those uglier parts).

Monday, June 15, 2015

Solar Auxilia Command Squad

With my Solar Auxilia contingent now almost complete it wouldn't have been right if I hadn't picked up the command squad currently being offered by Forgeworld. I know that I am often banging on about detail on these pages but in this case Forgeworld have entirely knocked it out of the park. I might even be tempted to say that the £65 price tag is justified.

I thought I'd share some photos and mention a few of the design touches that I find especially brilliant.
I went with the standard Forgeworld colour scheme for these guys. The detail was mostly all completed at the wash stage. Several coats of Agrax wash and I was laughing.

First up the heavy weapon guards. Not much to say about these guys other than that they certainly look the part of being part of an honour guard retinue.

Next up, the Vox caster. This is where the fun starts. That radio! Looks familiar? It was a while before I realised that this chap is manually tuning into his command frequency using an old fashioned needle dial tuner. As a design touch, that is a marvellous way to show these guys are from an older era than the standard 40K guard. Plenty has been said about how the Solar Auxilia are very Steam Punk based. However, I'd like to suggest that they're more Valve Punk, echoing an age when experimentation with radio was commonplace etc.

The commander himself. What can I say. Beautiful model, incredible detail. Just take a look at that frogging on the reverse of that coat.

Finally, the Strategist. As with the Vox operator there are some really nice touches to this model. The way he's tuning the focus ring on his telescope for instance, or the way he is busy typing with the other hand. The detail on this guy goes right down to the individual keys on his stenography machine. If I had a brush fine enough it would look great with some old 1920s style font for the letters of each key.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mechanicum Skittari

It was only going to be a matter of time before I jumped on the Mechanicum bandwagon and started raving about how great the models are just like everyone else.

I painted up a pack of Skittari recently, and aside from the fact that these are wonderful models, I was really happy to discover that once made, the kit comes with a proper stack of spare parts for my INQ28 shenanigans.

I wanted these guys to look as though they'd just come in from the Martian wastes. They are trackers after-all, stalking their quarry over miles of radiation blasted Martian wasteland.

The camouflage pattern was created using masking tape. I painted the areas I wanted green first, then masked them off and primed over the top of that. It's the same method I've used for tanks in the past and I wanted to see how it could be applied to something a lot smaller.

A small word about the weapons design of these guys: They seem to be a mixture of world war 2 inspired, steam-punk style stuff. That anti-materiel rifle is excellent. When was the last time you saw a bolt action rifle on a concept sci-fi model? It looks like a cross between a North African 16th Century Jezzail and a modern .50 calibre firearm.