Friday, August 28, 2015

Abandoned Technical Station

So I've been working on some Ash waste terrain lately. I've been looking for a suitable basing material for a while now. I've always found straight up MDF to be too heavy. Then I discovered Foamex. It's the material that printers use to make exterior signage. Lightweight and gullible. I bought a 5mm thick board and glued it to a 5mm thick slab of MDF and got the best of both worlds.

(needs more rust)

(Knew those nappy rash cream tins would come in handy)

My board is meant to represent the exterior of some abandoned Ash Waste technical station. I put it together using many of the methods used in the Forgeworld Model Masterclass Vlolumn 1 book.

I used insulation foam for the raised portion, cutting through it then finishing it off by using spray paint to get a nice melted effect. Cracks were then added using Polystyrene cement which melted some more. The whole thing was then coated in a thick mixture of house paint, plaster of paris and PVA glue. Then sprinkled with sand and dirt. It actually turned out to be quite a durable surface.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Vivisect Servitors Painted

I've spent this weekend painting up the Vivisect Servitors. My paint scheme for these was very much rusted metal and dead flesh. Hopefully that comes across.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vivisect Servitor

Created from an unholy union of spare mechanical parts and the remains of flayed biologist experiments, Vivisect Servitors are intended as a one shot, personalised weapon, tailored to a very specific target. Released into the Ash wastes they are given an autonomous set of protocols that allow them a very high degree of decision making capability for a Servitor.

I've always loved Kari's Arco Eviscerators featured on the wonderful Spiky Rat Pack Blog and even went so far as to trying to create my own versions. However, my modelling skills are woeful compared to such a master so I began to focus my attentions on creating something similar but also wholly new. I wanted to convey the idea of a Biologist experiment gone wild, a living weapon created from spare parts and living in abject agony and so my Vivisect Servitors were born, a mash up of Rust Stalker legs, Ghoul body parts and Dark Eldar Talos weapons.