Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Labyrinth Beckons

Work progresses on the Labyrinth (or Zone Mortalis board to be accurate) I'm buying these tiles piecemeal when I should be splashing out on a bundle, but hey, at least I can give each one a little conversion when I'm putting them together. I wanted some extra doors on this one, basically Rhino hatches and Necromunda bulkheads etc. I thought I'd give this one a splash of white too. Too much rusty darkness going on, plus I like the idea of a tile, deep in the bowels of the Labyrinth that suddenly looks as though it's been done up really nice .... for some reason .... or other.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Gonk Walker and Rogue Trader Command Squad

Two posts for the price of one this week. I finished the Rogue Trader command squad and the Gonk Walker got a splash of paint.

As before, these guys follow the paint scheme that I laid down with the retinue. I was particularly pleased with how the bell ringer turned out. He looks like he only has one job to do and he does it with pride :) The Solar Auxilia weapon also works on the com trooper. I'm still amazed how well the Solar Auxilia parts go with the Mannan's Blades range.

Onto the Gonk.

This chap is intended as some traitor walker, brought out of moth-ball by necessity, conforming to some obscure design that has been lost to time. A few people have commented that it looks like a cross between Ashley Wood's Berties and a Phalanx Gun system used in the navy. Those two starting points were definitely in my mind when I designed him.