Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tech Supplicants

Amongst the many millions who inhabit Mars' lowest social strata, there are those who see a way out of the endless cycles of poverty by submitting themselves to the whims of the Machine God. In this way the priesthood of the Mechanicum finds itself having to deal with many thousands of supplicants, eager for augmentation and a life of certain servitude away from the perilous environments that do for so many.

Most are mind-scrubbed and put to use as brainless slaves, or else surrendered to the gene-labs or converted into Thralls. Few are allowed to retain their individuality, and of those even fewer are trusted enough to be augmented with rare Mechanicum battle tech. Of the small percentage that are destined for this fate, only one or two will survive their first encounter with the enemy and so in this way the Mechanicum never finds itself overrun by the many hordes who would chose this way of life over any other.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rogue Trader Household Cavalry

Rogue Trader households often have ample opportunity to acquire all kinds of tech that for one reason or another have long since been discarded to history or else declared unholy.

Automata of various types are often found in the service of such ne'er-do-wells, purely through virtue of the fact that they are cheap, effective and can easily fetch a high resale price. Such items are rare and valuable indeed. Some are dumb-bots, entirely incapable of independent thought and useable only after in-depth interfacing with a tech-logi. Others, however, still possess dangerous levels of self awareness, often leading to unfortunate 'accidents'.