Friday, March 11, 2016

Secundus Pursuit Team

So I recently bought another squad of mixed and matched Victoria Miniatures guard to bolster my Seconds Ash Ranger's regiment. These guys are put together using Vic's fantastic trench coat legs, combat torsos and victorian arms. I equipped them with Outguns as I like the rough and ready feel it gives them.

The sergeant was armed with a modified pistol. I wanted to convey the feeling of some kind of Artillery Luger type weapon, complete with snail drum magazine.

The Cadian grenade launcher works perfectly for the special weapons trooper.

Rogue Trader Hate Engine

Despite being bedecked in golden and turquoise livery, the Hate Engine is a fearsome entity, host to a malign machine spirit, corrupted and tainted beyond what even the Mechanicum would tolerate. Hate Engines are often found in the service of Rogue Traders, as only those of dubious and debatable nature are irresponsible enough to field such a machine.
They have only one purpose: to hunt down and destroy those who have angered or insulted the Trader and his household. Being machines of boiling anger, they are hard to control and the Rogue Trader will often keep such a machine at arm's length, deploying it only in advance of his armada, or simply leaving it behind upon a planet to run amok, a final insult perhaps, or just an act of malicious revenge.