Friday, July 22, 2016

Cult Familiars - Gene Experiments

These last critters are the final pieces of the Gene cult that I've been putting together. I've not been keen on the idea of them being manifestations of latent psychic power so I thought that as a Gene Cult, the members would obviously be tinkering with some form of genetic engineering. These being the result. I quite like how the old Ghoul heads work on them.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Secundus Mining Vehicle

I've never been too much of a fan of the whole idea of Genestealer Cults riding around in pimped out sedans like a group of Mafia Dons. The whole idea of the Genestealer Cult is that they are a hidden force, operating in the shadows until the time is right to make a bigger against their host society. Surely anything that draws attention to them would be a bad thing in their eyes, cool looking pimp-mobiles included.

Since the latest background for the Cult seems to focus on them taking over mining planets I thought a much better solution would be for them to ride around in whatever they could get their hands on. Hence the vehicle below. A salvaged mining vehicle, press ganged into APC duty.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Wave Draws Near

Sedeecion Kane, Constable of the Watch, Seccundus Hive Alpha.
“Your Assembled Honours, may I interject?… Thank you… Whether the horrors unleashed upon us these last three revolutions have a material origin, or an immaterial one, is a moot point: they die. With great difficulty it must be said, but they are mortal flesh and blood. Your problems, however persist and as certain members of the Holy Congregation have made clear, they do indeed threaten the very existence of not only this Hive, but the entirety of Seccundus herself. As far as we know six mines have fallen, ten more have slipped from the communications grid and must for all intents and purposes be regarded as lost. Your concentration of power now resides within these spires themselves. No longer do we control great swathes of the Northern Wastes as we did barely one week ago. I am receiving reports of a rebellion at the main space-port and several brigades of Ash Rangers have either deserted their posts or disappeared altogether.

If you will allow me to go on… Speaker, it is vital that I go on… Thank you, your patience will not go unnoticed …

To further add to your woes, just this morning I received reports from the network that the outer gates at Periphery Level One have been opened by agents unknown. Contact has been lost with the security detachments on those levels and I am hearing of habitation zone riots in several sectors down there. Our personnel are struggling to contain the rebellion but it is well organised and highly motivated. Clearly, the enemy is upon us. With those doors open, he is welcome to enter at his own leisure. As far as blame can be apportioned, this may be the work of low-born scum. On the other hand it may represent the beginning of a hive-wide rebellion. Several of my informers have told of great banners being borne aloft by the crowd, purporting to show a six limbed lizard. I am sure that such iconography needs no explanation amongst your learned selves, and if true, represents a whole-sale failure of the cull that this Administratum elected to undertake.

I am sure that you will agree that the speed of these occurrences has taken us all by surprise. What defence is there against an enemy that slips in unannounced and turns our own population against us? This is where we find ourselves. Make no mistake gentlemen, this hive has fallen. The population has been absorbed by something that neither we nor I suspect the Inquisition herself can stop.

Yes Gentlemen… We must consider a final end-game. That is why I suggest off-world extraction followed swiftly by orbital bombardment.

I know… I know… These are cataclysmic times that require cataclysmic measures. I have taken the liberty of informing the Holy Inquisition and several assets have been stationed in orbit around the third Orbus for several days. Their orders are simple, to save whomever is willing to be saved… and to leave nothing else alive. The time for planning a ground response has passed. We have been overrun.

Gentlemen, gather your loved ones about you and make no mistake, this night will be a long one. Pray that it ends.”