Friday, November 3, 2017

Tales from the Labyrinth

I had the chance to purchase a few more Zone Mortalis boards recently so I thought I'd do a little spot about how they were painted up.

I love the idea of these boards being some kind of Hive Sump, forgotten levels etc, and with the re-release of Necromunda it seemed like a perfect time to get the old rust weathering out and get to work.

I started by giving these boards a loose spray coat of Hycote Bronze, dirt brown and a few squirts of light grey. I painted the panels with Agrellan Earth crackle paint and gave this a white wash once dry. I then added a few industrial pattern touches, hazard areas etc.

Then it was onto the weathering. Copious amounts of watered down rust pigment, followed by blobs of wet turquoise, green and black. The whole thing was done quite randomly and looked more like a dirty great puddle when finished. I was more interested in what kind of random effects I could get between the different areas of colour.

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